linda gillard

I started designing covers for Linda for her first book for Kindle, House of Silence, in 2011.  Having been frustrated with previous covers for her books, the design of which was often disconnected to the content or character descriptions within, Linda took advantage of being able to outline the design brief directly rather than having publishers or marketers take the reins. Linda's covers utilise extensive photo manipulation to bring together the desired elements; for example, adding the red kite to the sky of Cauldstane or creating a coloured stained glass window from a black and white image for The Glass Guardian. I've worked on six of Linda's books to date, creating a recognisable brand that has now evolved from ebooks to print. House of Silence was chosen as one of Amazon's Top Ten indie books of 2011.

Date: To present / Client: Linda Gillard / Role: Designer / Tags: create space, kindle, photoshop, smashwords /