Second Opinion

"The most interesting thing about Mitch's life is that it's about to expire; he's an invisible man at work, his wife is a joyless bully, his daughter doesn't want to be seen with him and his friends, well, what friends? So when his dysfunctional doctors give him only 3 months to live, they wonder whether his impending doom might give his dead-end life the jolt it needs to finally make him happy. Second Opinion is an independently-made black comedy about what it means to be alive, directed by Al MacRae and written by Bryce Hart. Released in May 2014."

My past life as a doctor's receptionist came in handy during the filming of Second Opinion, where as Art Director I threw together files, name badges, brain scans and any other GP ephemera I could think of to be part of the set. Highlights included here are pictures of Dr. Morrison's rather disorganised office, the 'mother' of tumour scans being modelled by Geoff, and the photo composite of Dr. Morrison and some very happy stock photography children. The whole 30 minute short film is embedded below - it's well worth a watch.

Date: August 2013 Client: Al MacRae/Bryce Hart Role: Art Director Tags: props, titles